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Firecracker Blast Chai

Firecracker Blast Chai


Celebrate Independence Day with some sizzle.  Firecracker Blast tastes just as good as our Original Chai recipe, but with a fun surprise.  Snap, crackle, and pop your way to some delicious tea as you stir in the water.  If you're lucky enough the fireworks will continue in your mouth with every sip.   

Directions: Add 3 tbsp to 8 oz of hot water. Stir well. Enjoy, share, and love.


Ingredients: Sugar, milk (nonfat dry milk, vitamin A, palmitate, vitamin D3), black tea (instant tea powder, maltodextrin), non-dairy creamer (corn syrup solids, vegetable oil [hydrogenated coconut and/or palm kernel], less than 2% sodium caseinate [a milk derivative], dipotassium phosphate, mono- and diglycerides, silicon dioxide, sodium tripolyphosphate, natural and artificial flavors, artificial color, datem), vanilla powder (dextrose, vanilla bean extractives), culinary crystals (sugar, lactose [milk], corn syrup solids, carbon dioxide), cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves

Contains Milk, Coconut


Regular size: Net weight 10 oz (284 g)  |  Makes ~ 8-10 servings